In this blog we shall attempt to recount various experiences from our brilliant successes, right the way through to more commonly our epic failures, our adventures- primarily around campus as we are often too lazy to attempt anything else- and other contemplations about life as a student.

We are two finalists at university, soon to embark on our dreaded final year. The only way through this, we feel, is by drinking a shit ton of tea/booze and SLAYING. Everything.

Whilst this blog refers to our experiences, we hope that people can find method in our madness, some ideas on how to survive this thing people call adulthood, and perhaps peace of mind that there are people just as (if not more so) crazy as them.


What’s with the name you ask? Aha! Well we happen to think it’s a stroke of genius, and it is once you know us and understand the title. Yes we lack modesty and we apologize but it’s rare for us to have these ‘AHA’ moments, therefore we shall continue to bask in self-appreciation for a little while longer. Allow us to explain:

Unhinged: Deranged / mentally unbalanced – totally us as you will soon discover.

Rantipole: “a wild, reckless person.”

So to conclude: a deranged, wild and reckless person. We just had to put tea in there because we are most certainly tea addicts.

Blog Post Schedule

We shall be posting new articles twice a week, broken down into:

MONDAY DONE-DAYS: Weekly recap

Indulge in our life experiences from the utterly ridiculous to the precociously profane.

THURSDAY NERDSDAY: Insights of student life

Useful knowledge to take on board, as obscure or commonplace as you like.


Who Is Who?

The one on the left is the gooooorrrgeous Hannah, and the slightly (very) deranged looking one on the right is Laura (:

^^ Obviously that was written by Laura, she’s too modest. I’m not modest. I’m an arsehole.

I’m Hannah.

21 years old, aspiring painter, avid tea-drinker and pianist. As you can probably tell from whichever photos are slapped up on this blog I look pretty young for my age, of which people always seem to make the connotations ‘innocent’ and ‘sweet.’ Oh my sweet summer child, how wrong you are.

I’m equal parts grandma and party girl. One part of me says “yes, tonight’s the night, let’s get messed up!” and with that grabs a bottle of rum. The other part says “Ok, I need to water my plants and set up a mug with a teabag in it first so it’s ready for when I come back… probably around 10pm.”

I study Italian and Spanish (BA Hons). Despite my English-isms (of which include saying sorry 20 times per sentence and my love of gingernut biscuits) I love the exotic clichés that come with the perks of being a languages student. I love mixing with and meeting people through speaking other languages, and being ever-so-slightly more knowledgeable about other cultures. It’s just a shame I can’t spend whole days sunbathing on Mediterranean beaches without bathing in factor 50+ sunscreen and still getting a pinkish tinge to my skin.

 I’m Laura.

22 years old, aspiring archivist (I am currently studying History & German – BA Hons), tea fanatic, travel enthusiast, rubber duck collector and history geek (yes I stole my opening line from Hannah, but meh^^). I am quite the antisocial one, people don’t usually talk to me – probably because I have the perfect resting bitch face and I scare the crap out of most people. That being said I am actually bat shit crazy (as Hannah can verify and as you, dear reader, shall very soon see).

I am more the stay-at-home type, but when I do go out I prefer a pub over a club any day. Whilst I do love the occasional good ol’ drunken rampage with my friends, the memories dearest to me are the ones where me and Hannah get drunk in our kitchen, impersonating Country Man and the like. Most of my wild nights out lately consist of library late-nighters/all-nighters. Hannah will say I am a dedicated student – I will say I am simply good at procrastinating in places that make me look like I am a good student.

Due to my very mad childhood – I moved about 9 times in 18 years- I am quite the individual. I am definitely a Brit (pale skin, freckles, tea lover, constantly grouchy, always complaining about the weather etc.), and yet everyone at university seems to take delight in pointing out all of my Germanisms (I mix up German and English pronunciations, being a perfectionist etc.) as well. I am completely bonkers, I ask the oddest questions (e.g. How do unicorns mate?), I can be a massive drama queen and yet I have still managed to end up with a perfect boyfriend AND the bestest of friends – one of which is a tea wench (i.e. Hannah) with whom I shall one day elope with…it is just a matter of time – watch this space 😉


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